Medical VR-Training

Revolutionizing Virtual Healthcare Training - Empowering medical professionals to improve independently of space and time.

We are a leading provider of VR training solutions. We provide realistic and immersive VR training modules for healthcare professionals to safely practice life-saving procedures and complex scenarios. Our customized solutions boost participants' confidence and competence, improve patient safety and enhance the quality of their institution.

Whether general training or specialized work training - we ensure successful and exciting training with added value for your company.

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Our services

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Multiuser VR

Our VR training applications enable trainers to either interact together in multiplayer mode at different locations or physically come together in the same place. This flexibility enables completely new training concepts and also promotes teamwork.


We integrate data sources and simulation models into our applications. In the resulting non-deterministic training sequences, trainees can prepare themselves for various unpredictable situations and improve their decision-making skills.

Haptic experiences

Our applications use haptic components such as training dummies, which leads to a more intensive and therefore more effective learning experience. Other devices (e.g. devices held in the hand) can also be transferred to the virtual world as real operating elements and used intuitively.


Shock room training

Radiation protection VR

CPR training

Shock room training

Radiation protection VR

CPR training

Shock room training

Radiation protection VR

CPR training

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